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Women In Jails

This webpage provides current resources available from the NRCJIW on women in jails. For other resources on this topic, please also visit Managing Women in Jail Settings under the Resources tab.

Jail Tip Sheets on Justice Involved Women

NRCJIW developed a series of Jail Tip Sheets on eight critical topics to facilitate the implementation of gender informed approaches with women in jail settings. These tip sheets were developed in response to recommendations from participants at the Women in Jails Summit described below. Click here to access the jail tip sheets and additional resources.

Women in Jails Summit

On October 16-17, 2014 the NRCJIW, in collaboration with the American Jail Association, hosted the first-ever national Summit on women in jails:  Achieving More Effective Outcomes with Women in Jails: A Summit to Identify Strategies to Build and Expand Gender Responsive Approaches that Work.  Following the January/February 2014 American Jails magazine issue, “In Jail and Female,” the summit brought together jail administrators, practitioners, community providers, researchers and criminal justice professionals with diverse experience, expertise and knowledge regarding gender- and trauma-informed policies and practices and managing women in jails. The primary objectives of the Summit were to:

  • discuss topics pertinent to women and jails,
  • identify tools and resources to assist jail practitioners in their work with women, and
  • find opportunities to increase the awareness of jail leadership and staff about gender-responsive strategies that can improve their effectiveness when working with women inmates, as well as enhance facility safety and security for staff and inmates.

Materials from the event can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

Presentation Slides:

Other NRCJIW Resources on Women in Jails

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