National Resource Center on Justice Involved Women

NRCJIW Jail Tip Sheets on Justice Involved Women

A series of eight Jail Tip Sheets on critical topics facing jails were developed by the NRCJIW to facilitate the implementation of gender-informed approaches with women in jail settings. These tip sheets were developed in response to recommendations from participants at the Women in Jails Summit held in October, 2014.  During the summit, jail practitioners asked for concise resources or tools that addressed their specific concerns regarding the management of women in jail settings and provided links to additional resources.

To view a tip sheet, or to view additional resources related to each tip sheet, click on the links below.

Core Resources and Reading on Justice Involved Women

The following are essential resources and readings that may be of interest to jail practitioners who seek additional information on justice-involved women.

Jail Tip #1:  Being Gender-Responsive and Trauma Informed is Just Good Correctional Practice


We would like to thank NRCJIW partners Alyssa Benedict, Maureen Buell, Georgia Lerner, Andie Moss, Marilyn Van Dieten, and Pat Van Voorhis and Kurt Bumby from the Center for Effective Public Policy for authoring the various jail tip sheets.  The tip sheets were edited by Becki Ney and Rachelle Ramirez from the NRCJIW, with help from Debbie Smith.

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