National Resource Center on Justice Involved Women

Classification, Assessment and Case Management


Developing Gender-Specific Classification Systems for Women Offenders

Classification of Women Offenders: A National Assessment of Current Practices and the Experiences of Three States

Next Steps in Gender-Responsive Classification Models

An Overview of Offender Classification Systems. In Correctional Counseling and Rehabilitation  (Abstract)

Institutional Classification of Females: Problems and Some Proposals for Reform. In Female Offenders: Critical Perspectives and Effective Interventions (Abstract)


Women’s Risk Factors and New Treatments/Interventions for Addressing Them: Evidence-Based Interventions in the United States and Canada

Achieving Accurate Pictures of Risk and Identifying Gender Responsive Needs: Two New Assessments for Women Offenders

Implementing the Women’s Risk/Need Assessment (WRNAs): Early Lessons from the Field

The Assessment and Treatment of Women Offenders: An Integrative Perspective (Abstract)

A Great Debate Over Using the Level of Service Inventory-Revised (LSI-R) with Women (Abstract)

A Meta-Analysis of the Predictors of Delinquency Among Girls (Abstract)

The Women are Not Wrong: It is the Approach that is Debatable (Abstract)

Women’s Risk Factors and their Contributions to Existing Risk/Needs Assessment: The Current Status of a Gender-Responsive Supplement (Abstract)

Developing and Validating a Brief Jail Mental Health Screen for Women


Case Management

The Women Offender Case Management Model

The Women Offender Case Management Model: Outcome Evaluation

Effective Case Management

Service Planning Instrument for Women (Spin-W)

Collaborative Development of Individual Discharge Planning for Incarcerated Women: Final Report

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