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The NRCJIW offers training and technical assistance to government agencies and community and faith-based organizations to support their work with justice involved women. The NRCJIW provides assistance and information to practitioners through a variety of means, including:

  • Making presentations at national and state criminal justice professional associations
  • Providing speakers for state and local conferences and training events
  • Conducting webinars on key topics
  • Facilitating strategic planning, leadership, policy development and other meetings
  • Producing and disseminating documents such as topical briefs, coaching packets, and “how-to” tools
  • Maintaining a website (including the latest research reports, links and resources)
  • Responding to requests for information from the field.

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Resources Available on the NRCJIW Web Site

Resource Center products can be accessed from our website free of cost and include research summaries, practice briefs, policy guides, presentations, and archived newsletters.

In addition, the NRCJIW web site ( maintains an extensive catalog of external articles, reports, documents, and news items on a variety of topics related to women involved in the criminal justice system.  The topics include:

  • General Resources
  • Links
  • Multi-media
  • Critical Issues
  • Correctional Environments
  • Offender Management and Supervision
  • Classification, Assessment, and Case Management
  • Treatment, Interventions, and Services
  • Community Reentry
  • Quality Assurance and Evaluation
  • Other Topics

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National Resource Center on Justice Involved Women Newsletter

July 2018

The National Resource Center on Justice Involved Women (NRCJIW) provides guidance and support to justice professionals - and promotes evidence-based, gender-responsive policies and practices – to reduce the number and improve the outcomes of women involved in the criminal justice system.

Training on Women's Risk Needs Assessment (WRNA) Instruments Now Available!

Did you know that agencies in 36 states, the federal system and 3 foreign countries have been trained on the WRNA? Originally developed in 2008 by the National Institute of Corrections, in cooperation with the University of Cincinnati (UC), the WRNA assessments include: 1) a full instrument, The Women’s Risk/Needs Assessment (WRNA), which assesses both gender-neutral and gender-responsive factors and affords separate forms for probation, prison, and pre-release; and 2) the Women’s Risk/Needs Assessment - Trailer (WRNA-T), which is designed to supplement existing risk/needs assessments. New versions of the standalone and trailer assessments were released in 2014. 

For information about the WRNA tools or to inquire about training opportunities on the suite of WRNA tools, please contact Emily Salisbury at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas: To learn more about the WRNA see: Van Voorhis, P., Wright, E. M., Salisbury, E. J., & Bauman, A. (2010). Women’s risk factors and their contributions to existing risk/needs assessment: The current status of a gender-responsive supplement. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 37, 261-288.


The NRCJIW will be at APPA’s Summer Institute to deliver a workshop on “Understanding the Challenges of Assessing and Responding to the Risk and Needs of Justice Involved Women.”  The session will focus on the criminal justice system and how it has treated women involved in the justice system in the same way as their male counterparts – even though research has consistently demonstrated that women travel different pathways than men into the justice system, and that their experience is typically marked by significant trauma and violence.  What are the implications for how women on probation should be assessed, treated, supervised, and managed under parole and probation supervision in the community?  What tools are available to help better understand and manage this unique and fast growing criminal justice population?  This session will focus on understanding the unique risks and needs posed by women, and what role parole and probation agencies can play in making decisions and setting treatment and supervision goals and conditions that can help women to successfully renter, adjust to, and succeed in the community.   We hope to see you there:  July 31st from 12:30-1:45 p.m., Salon L on the 5th floor of the Philadelphia Marriott.  For more information, click here.



Since 1985, The Association for Justice-involved Females and Organizations (AJFO) Conference has provided an opportunity to educate correctional systems, programs, and communities on how to effectively address accountability, competency development and the gender specific needs of women and girls who are involved in the criminal justice system. Conference attendees represent a diverse array of corrections officers, practitioners, state administrators, policy makers, program directors, women with lived experience, advocates, researchers, and program developers. The conference has traditionally been attended by more than 500 professionals from federal, state and local correctional systems, as well as treatment providers and researchers from the United States, Canada and other countries. This is the only national professional conference that is exclusively focused on women and girls involved with the justice system. The goal is to provide professionals with resources that support women, strengthen families, and empower communities who are affected by the justice system.  Interested in bringing the conference to your state in 2019?  See the RFP here for more information.  Please note that the deadline to apply is July 20, 2018.  A conference call to answer questions prior to the deadline will be held on July 11, 2018 at 4pm EST (see the RFP for additional details).

APPLY NOW! Cooperative Agreement - Delivery of Training Program "Women in the Justice System: Developing an Agency Wide Approach"

The National Institute of Corrections (NIC) is seeking applications for funding under the Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 for the delivery of “Women in the Justice System: Developing an Agency Wide Approach”, a blended learning training program focusing on the development of gender-responsive policy and practices to improve the management of women in the justice system.

The goal of this solicitation is the effective delivery of the established NIC training program “Women in the Justice System: Developing an Agency Wide Approach” to approved participant teams representing local, state, federal and tribal corrections agencies that have been actively working toward improving management of justice involved women. Delivery of program will assist agencies/jurisdictions in incorporating gender-informed research-based content and knowledge to develop policy, practice and programs to improve the outcomes for women in the justice systems. Improved outcomes can reduce recidivism, address risk and harm reduction, enhance opportunities for increased self-efficacy and successful reintegration into the community.

Applications must be received before midnight (ET) on August 7, 2018.  Download the full solicitation here.

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