NIC E-Learning Courses – Justice Involved Women

Now available on the NIC Learning Center, the National Institute of Corrections has developed a series of five e-courses addressing the importance of using a gender-responsive approach with justice involved women. This series includes the following courses:learn center

  1. Who Are Justice-Involved Women? – This course provides a broad overview of research and evidence-based practices and addresses the significance of gender-responsive research on women. It covers how the research sharpens correctional practice in establishing policy and programs, as well as working toward improving outcomes with justice involved women. Also, integrated into the content is emerging research on the importance of addressing strengths and protective factors in our work with this population.
  2. Interpersonal Violence – This course provides definitions of and an overview of Interpersonal Violence (IPV), the experiences and impact on justice involved women and examples of strategies to mitigate the effects of IPV. Although interpersonal violence is experienced by both men and women, the overall content in Course 2 will be more relevant to the women involved in the criminal justice system; both institutional populations and those under community corrections supervision.
  3. Effects of Trauma – This course defines trauma, the impact of traumatic experiences on justice involved women, and the introduction to the Adverse Childhood Experiences study (ACEs) and its’ relevance. Participants will learn about symptoms and reactions to trauma by women involved in the justice system and will receive tips on effectively and safely working with this population and moving them toward reductions in symptoms more positive behaviors.
  4. Effective Gender-Responsive Practices – Building upon the preceding three courses on research, interpersonal violence and trauma, this course integrates that content and builds a foundation for effective case management. Integrated into the course is also discussion of blending respect with accountability, and a focus on establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries in the case management process.
  5. Building Individual and Organizational Resilience The previous four courses addressed working with justice involved women, in Course 5 we switch the focus and look at the impact of this challenging work on our correctional staff. Course content contains important definitions, tips for improving self-awareness and building personal resilience and finally an overview on organizational stress. Contained within the course are a number of valuable personal activities, intended to assess levels of workplace and personal stress and to identify and build upon our personal as well as existing organizational strengths. 

To access the program, please go to and create an account or login if you already have an account. Then, go to Catalog > E-Courses. All five courses are located in the Corrections Topics category.